Is Your Product or Service a Pain Killer or Vitamin

The truth is that most products or services can be classified as both.

However, from a marketing perspective, most products are positioned as a Pain Killer or a Vitamin.

When marketing your product or service, how do you position your product or service?

Smart marketers realize that the answer depends on the client’s need at any point in time.  If the client or prospect is suffering through terrible service or product issues with their existing vendor, your product or service becomes a pain killer.

If their existing relationship with their vendor is decent then you have to work harder to convince that prospect to jump ship and become your customer.

How do you reach and more importantly convert these prospects into your customers?

You do it through effective messaging

Regardless of which marketing channel you use, be it email marketing, social media, or digital advertising, what you say to each prospect is the most important thing in creating the value proposition.

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