Black Friday is a Global Thing

Black Friday is as American as apple pie, but is also as Spanish as tapas and as French as baguettes.

Black Friday has gone global.  It has become synonymous with huge sales and big savings.

I had the pleasure of visiting Spain the week before Thanksgiving.   I have visited a few European countries so I was not surprised to see the majority of stores signs in English and the familiar American and British pop music piped into the stores.

I spotted familiar brands including Pantene (Procter & Gamble), Oreos (Mondelēz), M&M candies (Mars, Inc.), and many others.

I was not fazed by the Black Friday signs that popped up everywhere on Thursday, November 16th or the well-lit signs at a bus stop promoting Amazon’s week long Black Friday event.

This mega shopping event is not limited to big brand names.  I spotted store signs everywhere promoting this mega shopping event.

Other countries have jumped on the Black Friday bandwagon and you can download the list that I’ve compiled here.

The astronomical growth of global ecommerce and shortened delivery times encourages shoppers to look beyond their own borders for deals and sales.  In today’s global economy even the smallest mom and pop stores can compete.

So as you sit down at your computer to scout for deals this Black Friday know that millions of shoppers around the globe are doing the very same thing. If you are selling online, you may want to consider exploring other markets by developing a Black Friday promotion for select markets.

Happy Shopping!

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