After graduating college with a degree in political science from Columbia University, I relocated to the south to work in sales for one of the nation’s largest textile manufacturers. It did not take me long to realize that offshore competition was crippling domestic production and the industry overall. Within two years, I moved to the booming data industry as a sales representative for TRW, now known as Experian.

Selling credit reports and data to financial institutions was fascinating. Even back then, I knew data was the future.

Working in the data industry is where I learned to tackle complex client marketing needs to deliver a solution that was true to the brand and produced results. There was no one fits all in the credit services business back then. Almost everything I sold was custom designed to meet specific objectives.

I continued my journey in the credit data industry by taking a job with Equifax and relocating back to my home state of New York.

After getting married, I switched jobs to cut down on an enormous commute and worked for a full-service marketing company now known as ClientLogic selling everything from direct mail to telemarketing.

Life was good.

Then the world changed and so did my business.

Social media and digital were rapidly becoming the preferred choice for marketing. My global marketing and data management business was still growing but, direct mail was dying.

I found myself increasingly working on big data projects in a data quality capacity and not in the marketing strategy capacity that I loved. While these clients provided a steady stream of good revenue, I did not love it.

By 2015, I knew that I needed to reinvent myself and pursue what I loved.

In 2016 I dove head first into social media and digital marketing. I read dozens of books.

I was highly proficient at marketing and data analytics – frankly I knew it inside and out, but I was new to all of the tools, platforms and apps that it took to run digital marketing campaigns. There was a ton of new techno stuff that I had never used before. It was like learning a whole new language.

The best thing I did was invest in mentoring from some of the top experts.  It was money well spent.  It cut my learning curve from possibly taking years to a few short months!

The one very important lesson I learned is that marketing platforms were, and still are changing so rapidly.  I realized that the biggest mistake people make is not getting started because they let fear and overwhelm hold them back.

The good news is that it did not take me long to learn how to use the tools and to refine my skills.  This is when I knew I was destined to help others that feel left behind in the digital economy.


Let me start by saying, it’s not about me, it’s about you.  This is the philosophy that I have lived by my entire career.  When I talk to a prospect or client, my first thought is always how I can best serve them.

I love marketing.  I always have and always will.

A few years ago, I was helping a friend overcome digital marketing overwhelm. When I explained that she is a “brand” and that she needed to build “brand loyalty” by providing value to her clients and prospects she replied, “Isn’t that just for big companies?”.  I told her no, brand loyalty is for every business from your local pizza shop to the largest brands on the planet.

That was my aha moment – brand loyalty is for every business and I can help them build it.

My passion is helping my customers build brand loyalty by creating meaningful relationships with their clients. I do that by teaching them how to put their message in front of the right people at the right time and build brand loyalty.

When my first child was born, so was my entrepreneurial spirit and I left corporate America.

I joined an international data processing company when that business was in its infancy and helped grow it to a million dollar business. I was thrilled because I had found a new passion which was global marketing. I traveled around the world meeting clients and attending trade shows.

After five years with that organization, the entrepreneurial bug bit me again and I started my own global marketing company, Global DM Solutions which still operates today.

I built an impressive client base for Global DM Solutions including Dell, Macy’s, Forbes, The Wharton School of Business, National Geographic and many other brand name companies.

I knew that the riches were in the niches and my niche was developing strategy, finding data, and managing global marketing data files for direct mail campaigns. I was true to my niche of solving complex marketing problems and finding and managing the right audience for each client’s brand, but now it was on a global scale. I became a recognized expert in the field of global marketing and data quality and had the honor of speaking at many prominent national trade shows including the National Postal Forum, MailCom, The Direct Marketing Association and Informatica World.

So I have had a long journey, but I have always remained true to my purpose which is helping clients solve what seem to be complex marketing challenges and build their brand. I view myself as part of their team to ensure they develop a strategy and implement plan that produces results.

My unique, guided approach allows my clients to ease into digital marketing rather than diving head first into a sea of complex technology and strategy.

I go beyond step by step strategies by showing my clients literally click by click when they need that level of detailed help.

If you are struggling to learn how to market your business online, schedule a free consultation with me,

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